Frez - Endzlab Artist

Graffiti Artist from the 90s, founder of the WIB Crew and member of TPK UV Crew, Frez is known for his multiple urban pieces in different locations internationally on all kinds of medium. In the past decade, he depicts on canvases an urban and underground  universe using acrylic, oil based and aerosol techniques integrating various mediums such as cement. Borrowing from his life experience, comic books and horror movies his canvases give life to a world on the edge of reality and fantasy where taggers, b-boys, zombies, strange creatures and his famous butterflygirls cross paths. 

Be regularly showcases his work in individual and collective expos, such as the Poste Wagram’s “Musée à Ciel Ouvert”, Galerie 154, Bloc, 5 Beaubourg or more recently Welcome to Bahia.


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